Geeky Comedy Seattle

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Seattle is a hub for science, tech, gaming, and other geekiness. Geeky Comedy Seattle is a space for geeky comedy, storytelling, music, and spoken word – supporting both new and experienced performers in their endeavors to work on nerdy content.

I organize writer’s hours, monthly open mics, workshops, and variety shows (or at least hope to in the near future!). To find out more about future shows and workshops, whether you are interested in taking part or sitting in the audience, you can sign up for the newsletter using this link or contact me with any questions at

Upcoming shows, open mics, and workshops

Geeky Open Mic – taking a break for the summer

Stay tuned for updates

Upcoming shows, still in production!

  • July 17th, Vermillion
  • August 24th, Vermillion
  • September 13, Mudlark Oddities

More to be announced soon!

Curious about what we’ve already done? Check out the list of our previous events.