Brewing for beginners – Part IV

We did it, we made beer!

Beer poured into a glass.

Here’s the verdict:

“Not bad, it tastes like beer, I could drink this.”


So it has a pretty good taste. It tastes like a light version of what we were trying to achieved (a brown ale). Considering the alcohol content is probably around 3%, we can probably sell it off (not that we’re selling) as a “light dark beer.” If it would have been a little bit more alcoholic, it would probably taste a bit stronger and more flavorful, but for a first try, it is really nice!

And it pours pretty nicely too, look at that head!

Other view on the glass of beer
It’s so foamy

What would we do differently next time? It is likely that during the boiling phase, we didn’t extract enough of the sugar. The recipe we were using, did not use the “tea bag” technique as we were. So perhaps boiling for a bit longer would have extracted more sugars, giving the yeast more stuff to ferment.

Final verdict:

“Pretty tasty, good for a first try, and plenty of room to improve! We did it.”



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